Dr. Jonathan Foley

Dr. Jonathan Foley

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Dr. Foley, one of the most cited scientists in America, focuses on finding solutions to our biggest global environment challenges.  Through his research and teaching, he has made major contributions to our understanding of climate change, global ecosystems, food security, and the sustainability of the world’s resources. He advises governments, NGOs, and business leaders around the world, and his work has graced the covers of National Geographic, Science, Nature, and appeared in many other publications.  Dr. Foley has led several major sustainability programs at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, and until mid-2018 he served as the Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences, where he led the greenest science museum on the planet. Today, he is Senior Scholar at the Academy, where he is writing new pieces about global environmental issues and developing new global sustainability solutions. He was just named the Executive Director of Project Drawdown.

Project Highlights & Select Media

  • GlobalEcoGuy - Dr. Foley’s personal blog
  • PlanetVision - A science-based plan that inspires individuals, communities, businesses, and governments to put environmental solutions into action.
  • Twitter: @GlobalEcoGuy